Five Crucial Tips To Negotiate A Secondhand Bag

May 3, 2021

You are scrolling down an online thrift shop, passing through tons of items without much conviction, and then it hit you. That one particular handbag you have been drooling for since it was released two seasons ago. You remembered gazing at it through the window of this high-end store and quickly moving away because you couldn’t get it for some obvious reasons (ahem, money). But here it is, in front of you, listed in thrift shops, and you can only thank the Universe for this second chance in life, but then your eyes drop to the price tag, and your hope falls to the floor. The price had fallen, but it still stings your eyes.

But despair not, you still have another option; negotiation. It is perhaps one of the most valuable and necessary skill nowadays, and if you can master, you are good. Whether it is negotiating a higher pay in your job, the price of tomatoes in a food market, or a secondhand bag, it can impact the way you move in life. But how do we drive a successful negotiation?

Here are five crucial tips for bargaining your secondhand bag like a champ.

Define your price

Before even starting the conversation with the seller, you should know your ceiling price, the number you cannot go above. Indeed, be aware of your budget and what you can afford. Be bold enough to present your initial price. However, be sure that the first number you offer is the lowest price you are willing to pay and not the highest you can afford. This will give you a fair marge for negotiation.

It doesn’t matter if the seller disagrees with the first number. At least, the seller will be aware of your price range. And from that point, decide on a fair price that suits both of you. If the seller is still adamant about giving you a discount, you might ask to remove other charges such as delivery or shipping fees.

Do your research

Before starting any negotiation with the first seller, you come upon to be sure that you have many options. Chance might be that other online sellers sell the bag you are looking for at different prices.

Now that you are aware of the different prices and sellers, you can negotiate with your initial seller. If he does not agree to your price, you can ask for quotations from other sellers as proof, especially if they have lower prices.

You might as well look for the cost of the item online if it matches its value today. You could then suggest the seller lower his or her initial pricing as it can be found elsewhere for a better bargain. Remember that some particular bags’ value increases over time (ex: Hermes Kelly). It is especially true for limited editions or classic bags.

Ask questions

Do not hesitate to ask as many questions as you can for that bag and even more pictures to back up the answer. While it is a secondhand purchase, it doesn’t mean that it does not matter -you need to have all the cards in your hands before deciding to buy. Examine. You wouldn’t be happy paying the price -whatever it is- for a stained sweater or a scratched bag, especially

if you have been dreaming about that particular bag for years. Point out the flaws to the seller and ask for a better bargain.

Be Friendly

Sometimes, it can be frustrating to deal with stubborn or not-so-kind sellers but do not let your flowery language take the best of you even if it is sometimes very much tempting. Before the negotiation can even occur, a friendly introduction and small talk can get you a long way. Either way, you won’t receive what you want by being forceful or rude. Your Mother Teresa persona might not get you a discount for that bag, but at least it won’t end up in a war. In that case, tell them to have a nice day and politely move on. You might want to buy something else from this seller in the future, so it is best to keep pleasant interactions.


Still not getting that discount? No worries. Chances are that the seller certainly has valid reasons not to budge on their prices. Remember that they didn’t get that item for free either, and not everyone wants to lower the cost of an already discounted bag. Listen to what are his reasons and be respectful of his needs. The goal of a negotiation is a win-win transaction. Your maximum price might be too unreasonable for the seller. You might still try a common ground by negotiating other things such as shipping cost, etc.

If it is still doesn’t work out, try to find it at another place. You are one click away from tons of online thrift shops that might sell what you need in better condition and even better price.